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About Dr. Jay and 365 Nutrition Store

After graduating from the U.C. Davis School Of Medicine, Dr. Jay recognized a major flaw in the health and fitness field: Medical doctors, although they are well-versed in the areas of anatomy, physiology and disease, have very limited knowledge and understanding of nutrition, exercise, and fitness. Personal trainers, although they are well-versed in the field of exercise, have a very limited scope in the sciences of physiology and disease. And nutritionists, although well versed in the arena of food and diet, have limited gym, exercise, and medical experience/training. He decided to devote his career to bridging those critical gaps. Recognizing the vital role nutrition plays in, health, wellness, fitness, and athletic performance, Dr Jay created 365 Nutrition Store to be a resource hub for those looking not only for accurate nutritional information but also guidance on how to apply that nutritional information to their SPECIFIC goals. Dr. Jay has 22 years of experience in the fitness industry including 19 years dedicated to metabolism measurement and correction utilizing indirect calorimetry. He has completed four (4) separate body transformations addressing various common weight loss obstacles (major injury, surgery, limited weight lifting access and limited cardio capacity) and has helped scores of individuals successfully achieve their, health, fitness, and athletic goals.