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GC Control Protein Shake (Value Size)

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Clinically researched GC Control is a one-of-a-kind, low-sugar, delicious shake that’s specially formulated to put you in control of your junk food cravings, energy levels, and weight management efforts.

  • -Supports balanced glucose uptake and metabolism in healthy individuals
  • -Supports normal insulin activity in healthy individuals
  • -Slows the absorption of high glycemic foods
  • -Promotes proper carbohydrate metabolism
  • How does GC Control naturally support healthy blood sugar? GC Control provides scientifically formulated nutritional support with an ideal low-glycemic nutrient balance to help support healthy blood sugar. When it comes to supporting healthy blood sugar, there are three critical factors:
  • 1. Control and balance blood glucose levels 2. Maintain healthy insulin levels 3. Optimize healthy insulin response. The patent-pending GC Control technology helps address all three factors by using the power of Oligo plus a proprietary blend of specially formulated ingredients—backed by clinical research. • Oligo chromium: supports diets deficient in chromium and is necessary for proper carbohydrate metabolism.
  • What are the key ingredients in GC Control? The exclusive GC Control formula contains Oligo® mineral-delivery technology and a special blend of highly concentrated natural ingredients—all backed by clinical research. The key ingredients are: • Chromium powered by Oligo • Cinnamon bark extract—24x polyphenols vs. cinnamon powder • Korean red ginseng root—7% ginsenosides • Mulberry leaf extract—clinical levels 1-DNJ • Green tea leaf extract—85% polyphenols • Sweet potato extract—200 mg
  • 30 Servings
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