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Peak Performance Basic

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Six (6) specialized supplements deliver optimal daily nutrition plus head-to-toe support for all major body systems.

No other product has the potential to change lives like the Peak Performance Pack. We know that with daily exercise and proper nutrition we give ourselves the best chance of living a longer, more vibrant life.

The Peak Performance Pack has been shown in two separate human clinical studies to reduce free radicals so you can live life at your peak. 60 Packets (30AM/30PM)

  • -Lowers Free Radicals
  • -Increases Resistance to Inflammation
  • -Provides Optimal Nutrition to Every Major System in the Body
  • -Reduces heart rate after exercise
  • -Helps support normal insulin response
  • -Improves blood flow for cardiovascular support
  • -Enhances nutrient absorption
  • -Aids muscle and joint recovery after exercise
  • -Enhances full-body recovery after exercise

    *In two separate clinical studies, the Peak Performance Pack was shown to reduce free radical activity and inflammation just one hour after taking the supplements. The studies also indicated that the longer participants used the Peak Performance Pack, the lower their free radical levels dropped.*
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