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With no calories and no sugar, this soft drink alternative is the perfect way to get your family drinking more water—turning plain, boring water into a delicious, refreshing drink!

Get Hydrated,Deliciously

SplasH2O is water—only better. Get hydrated with each delicious glass of SplasH2O you drink, and enjoy all of our great-tasting, fresh fruit flavors!

Better Refreshment forBig Savings

Glass for glass, SplasH2O costs less than the competition. And with no calories, it saves you much more than money!

6 Fresh, Fruity Flavors the Whole Family Will Love

SplasH2O turns ordinary water into a refreshing, thirst-quenching treat for everyone in the family with a basketful of fresh-picked fruit flavors.

5 Packets/Box
Each packet makes 2 Quarts of beverage!!

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